Referrals Continue to Power the Massage Profession

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REFERRALS CONTINUE TO POWER THE MASSAGE PROFESSION   More massage therapists received referrals from health care professionals in 2012 than 2011, according to a report by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) released at its annual AMTA Massage Schools Summit held in Chicago, Illinois, Feb. 7-8. The report only surveyed massage therapists who are AMTA […]

How to Handle Inappropriate Massage Client Requests

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HOW TO HANDLE INAPPROPRIATE MASSAGE CLIENT REQUESTS   At some point during your massage career, you will run across clients who present problems. Even the best massage therapist has days containing miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, inappropriate requests—and clients who just aren’t happy no matter how far the therapist bends over backward. Clear expectations When clients are […]

Tech Neck and Hunch Back: 5 Soft-Tissue Approaches to Technology-Induced Dysfunction

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TECH NECK AND HUNCH BACK: 5 SOFT-TISSUE APPROACHES TO TECHNOLOGY-INDUCED DYSFUNCTION We scroll, swipe, text, tweet, blog, vlog, type, Tube, shop, pin, binge, navigate, pay our bills, and run our businesses—all in the palms of our hands. Hands that are attached to our internally rotated and rounded shoulders, tight pecs, a kyphotic spine and forward-jutting […]

A Soft Tissue Injury Can Ruin Your Massage Career. Here’s How Hot and Cold Therapy Can Help

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A SOFT TISSUE INJURY CAN RUIN YOUR MASSAGE CAREER. HERE’S HOW HOT AND COLD THERAPY CAN HELP   A massage therapist can develop career-threatening injuries similar to those of a professional musician or competitive athlete — because all of these professions engage in repetitive motion. Here’s a five-step plan for how hot and cold topical […]