How to Handle Inappropriate Massage Client Requests

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HOW TO HANDLE INAPPROPRIATE MASSAGE CLIENT REQUESTS   At some point during your massage career, you will run across clients who present problems. Even the best massage therapist has days containing miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, inappropriate requests—and clients who just aren’t happy no matter how far the therapist bends over backward. Clear expectations When clients are […]

A Soft Tissue Injury Can Ruin Your Massage Career. Here’s How Hot and Cold Therapy Can Help

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A SOFT TISSUE INJURY CAN RUIN YOUR MASSAGE CAREER. HERE’S HOW HOT AND COLD THERAPY CAN HELP   A massage therapist can develop career-threatening injuries similar to those of a professional musician or competitive athlete — because all of these professions engage in repetitive motion. Here’s a five-step plan for how hot and cold topical […]

Aromatherapy Alleviates Primary Dysmenorrhea Pain

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AROMATHERAPY ALLEVIATES PRIMARY DYSMENORRHEA PAIN Compared to placebo interventions, aromatherapy reduces the pain associated with primary dysmenorrhea, according to a recent systematic review. The review, “Aromatherapy for Managing Pain in Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Systematic Review of Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials,” focused on 19 studies with close to 1,800 total participants. These participants were women of reproductive […]